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The world’s most well-known bitcoin startup to date is Coinbase. Coinbase managed to become one of the best crypto exchanges. In 2012, they started the company as a small startup; it now has a market valuation of over $40 billion and has successfully introduced millions of individuals to the world of cryptocurrencies. Many people like to use coinbase cards as their mode of payment. This coinbase card review will guide you through the process and tell you how the Coinbase card works and whether it is worth getting one.

Can I buy something in the real world using cryptocurrency? These are the main objections of people regarding cryptocurrency. This Coinbase card review offers a solution to individuals wishing to make payments using a coinbase card by allowing you to spend the USD worth of your cryptocurrency and get rewards in exchange.

What is a Coinbase card?

The Coinbase Visa card is a new feature added to Coinbase. It is not a separate item found in Coinbase that you can use without being a user of Coinbase. In other words, you can only benefit from this cryptocurrency debit card if you are already a user of Coinbase (or even gained access to it in the first place).

What is a Coinbase card

Since Coinbase is one of the biggest cryptocurrency asset custodians in the market, it makes sense for them to allow its users to use the value of their cryptocurrency asset holdings whenever they go shopping. The cryptocurrency community will find this crypto debit card a good alternative because you can maintain more than 20 different digital assets in a Coinbase account.

Coinbase Users:

The Coinbase card is best suited for users who are already Coinbase customers and want to start using their existing crypto holdings on the platform or a stablecoin like USDC to earn crypto coinbase card rewards on all of their daily purchases.

The Coinbase site and Coinbase card both offer a beginner-friendly experience. That enables you to buy a cryptocurrency and also learn about it. Then allows you to spend some of it in a reasonably straightforward manner if you’re someone who wants to come into the world of cryptocurrencies. This Coinbase card review will be your know-it-all guide.

Coinbase card rewards:

The easiest method to earn as many coinbase card rewards as possible is to use the Coinbase card for all your purchases since it gives you the chance to earn points on every purchase. You’ll get coinbase card rewards at the following rates depending on which cryptocurrency you select to earn your coinbase card coinbase card coinbase card rewards in:

  • Refund of 4% in Stellar Lumens (XLM)
  • Back by 4% on The Graph (GRT)
  • 1% in Bitcoin regained (BTC)
  • 1% in Ethereum returned (ETH)
  • 1% of Dogecoin returned (DOGE)
  • 1% back in Dai (DAI)

While you spend your balance of the 35+ supported assets on Coinbase, remember that you have to pay a 2.49% transaction fee. To make your payments done, Coinbase converts your asset into dollars then you can complete your transaction. This fee structure will severely limit the card’s usefulness, as there is no point in paying a 2.49% fee to earn 1% coinbase card coinbase card rewards.

However, there is an easy way not to pay these charges, which is highly advisable in many coinbase card reviews you might find on the web. If you hold a USDC stablecoin (a coin pegged to the US dollar price) and set it as your crypto payment method, you don’t need to pay a 2.49% crypto conversion fee. If you issue a stablecoin instead, you will also leave a larger balance of your other assets, which will ideally benefit from any price appreciation.

Coinbase card Fees:

The Coinbase Card is rather pricey compared to the other available crypto cards. Although there are no monthly costs and the issuance fee is only 4.95 euros, all other prices are slightly higher than the industry standard.

The Coinbase Card has a two-part spending fee. The simple card commission comes first. The commission for “domestic purchases” is 0.20 per cent. That is perfectly fine. However, the transaction cost for overseas purchases is 3 per cent.

Is Coinbase card safe?

The coinbase card is incredibly secure. In addition to upholding the unique security requirements, it is openly traded on the NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations). Furthermore, it makes information available to the public through SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) filings.

Is Coinbase card safe

Coinbase stores most of its users’ money in a bitcoin hardware wallet on their behalf, making it next to impossible to grab that money through the internet.

Users can also gain rewards using Coinbase’s specialised bitcoin wallet software, which enables a 2-factor authentication sign-in process.

Is Coinbase Card a good start-over for everyone?

Coinbase is one of the best solutions if your sole objective is to be able to spend your cryptocurrency using a debit card. The card presently supports spending from nine of the most widely used cryptocurrencies in the market. Additionally, the card offers straightforward crypto back coinbase card rewards scheme that allows you to earn between 1 and 4 per cent in several different cryptocurrencies, such as Stellar Lumens, Bitcoin, or Ethereum.

Who are Eligible to get Coinbase card?

Except for Hawaii, all customers of Coinbase in the United States can get the Coinbase card. The UK and several other European nations also are in luck, and the corporation is actively looking to enter new markets.

How to get a Coinbase card?

To get your hands on this card in the United States, you must:

  • Have an active Coinbase account
  • Complete the necessary steps for verification
  • Be of a legal age

Uploading a photo of a form of official identification, such as a passport or driver’s licence, is required to complete Coinbase account verification. In addition, you need to provide your name, date of birth, and SSN by Coinbase.

Alternatives for Coinbase Card:

In this Coinbase card review, we also provide alternatives if you choose not to go with the Coinbase card.

Gemini Crypto Credit Card:

With the most significant bitcoin credit card, the Gemini Credit Card, we may earn Real-Time Cryptocurrency Incentives. In exchange for any cryptocurrency trading on Gemini’s platform, the company promises to give you 1% cash back on all other purchases, 2% cash back on groceries, and 3% cash back on dining (up to $6,000 in annual expenditure). That suggests you have options for making money beyond Bitcoin, such as Ethereum and possibly even some of the more recent, smaller cryptocurrencies. Visa Card:

The Visa Card, which touts itself as the most extensively used card of its kind, provides customers with a practical way to spend their money while also providing added benefits. The Visa Card is a prepaid Visa debit card with no yearly charge. That implies that they can use the card wherever they accept Visa cards.

As one of the top crypto credit cards, supports many cryptocurrencies. They will convert the cryptocurrency of their choice to US dollars based on real-time market value.

Check Exchange Review.

BlockFi Credit Card:

It is among the top cryptocurrency credit cards in the market. It enjoys the benefit of being introduced to the market first. It provides rewards in cryptocurrency of almost 1% back. On each purchase you make, you will get rewards. Rewards are available in BTC, ETH, and fifteen other cryptocurrencies. There is no need to pay the card’s annual fee.

Uphold Debit Card:

Using the well-known trading platform Uphold, you can trade currencies, commodities, US equities, and cryptocurrencies. If you prefer variety, this card is a great Coinbase alternative.

You can use this card to spend cryptocurrency, fiat currency, and even precious metals. When you spend cryptocurrency, you receive 2 per cent back; when you spend USD, you always get 1% back. With Over 100 supported cryptocurrencies and in-kind rewards, Uphold allows you to earn a variety of digital assets as you spend.

Also, many new entrants in the market might take head-on to these abovementioned alternatives. XBO is one such player. XBO is An upcoming exchange ready to enter the crypto market. Its military-grade security measure to protect user privacy and easy-to-use interface aim to transform the way you use crypto. If hearsay is to be believed, it might come up with its own Crypto credit card.

It has already rolled out its early bird signup program and is also looking for a brand face with Bored Ape Auditions. Submit your Bored Ape NFT to auditions and stand a chance to win $100,000. So hurry, connect your web3 wallet here.

Drawbacks of Coinbase Card:

Here in this Coinbase card review, let’s discuss what are the drawbacks of the Coinbase card.

For most bitcoin fans right now, the Coinbase Visa card’s lack of genuine rewards and bonuses is the deal-breaker. People who can get approved for different credit cards with substantial incentives may prefer to continue with those options for the time being due to the lack of any rewards.

You could keep your cryptocurrencies separate and not use the Coinbase Visa card. Then, you might use a conventional credit card and settle your monthly credit card charge by selling some Bitcoin, Ether, or another cryptocurrency.

How to use the Coinbase card?

The Coinbase card functions like any other debit card. You can connect the card to your Coinbase balance once you receive it. Choose the cryptocurrency asset you want to use as your payment method (we advise using USDC to avoid the 2.49 per cent fee), and then choose the asset you want to receive rewards in. You may use the Coinbase card to purchase like any other debit card.

Coinbase Card Review: Pros and Cons

Coinbase Card Review Pros and Cons

Pros of Coinbase Card:

  • Refunds of up to 4% in the cryptocurrency of your choosing
  • Instant cryptocurrency spending
  • Selecting a cryptocurrency to spend is simple.
  • Can receive incentives from several crypto assets
  • Global Acceptance
  • No yearly charge

Cons of Coinbase Card:

  • It charges a conversion fee of 2.49 per cent when converting your cryptocurrency to dollars.
  • It is a debit card, so it does not provide the same level of consumer protection as a credit card.


If you’re looking to earn crypto rewards on your everyday purchases and bills, you should be using the Coinbase platform.

Using a coinbase card, you can earn rewards anywhere from 1% to 4% in your asset of choice with no fees, making it a great option for Coinbase customers looking to start earning more crypto.

The Coinbase card is valuable if you’re a frequent Coinbase customer with cash or USDC in your account. In addition, you can diversify your portfolio with rotating incentives.

But at all costs, avoid using cryptocurrency to fund your cryptocurrency. The biggest drawback of this otherwise fee-free card is the conversion fee of 2.49 per cent. However, if you exclusively use USDC or cash, you’re safe. In this Coinbase Card Review, we gave you an overall analysis of the Coinbase card. Now it’s your call if you want to give Coinbase a chance.

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