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We are all in the midst of the “invest in crypto” wave wherein cryptocurrency exchanges with unique features are getting launched daily. One of those is XBO, a forthcoming crypto exchange with an intuitive and innovative edge.

Aren’t you bored of putting your million dollars worth of digital avatars as Whatsapp, Twitter, and Facebook displays?

But what if we tell you that you can finally put your Bored Apes to productive work and become the brand ambassador of XBO, an upcoming crypto exchange looking for an official representative?

Yes, You heard it right. XBO has rolled out an opportunity for all the Bored Ape NFT holders to sign up for the audition.  If one of their Bored Ape aligns with XBO’s brand image, then they could get the chance to win a cash reward of $100,000 as well as added benefits.

The exchange is running an early bird sign-up program for traders and investors. The 10,000 early entrants will get a lifetime Gold tier membership and a chance to become a member of the exclusive Black Diamond club.

Keep reading the article to learn more about XBO and its features!

What is XBO?

XBO is an upcoming cryptocurrency exchange with an intuitive platform for traders and investors. It consists of a team of dedicated finance and technology professionals working day and night passionately to revolutionise crypto.

XBO is on a mission to empower and facilitate crypto for all. Crypto is the currency of the future, and the exchange is all set to provide a user-friendly interface with exceptional customer service ready to serve the investors 24*7. The crypto exchange is committed to building a hub for crypto-related knowledge and educational resources.

The Crypto Exchange is not just providing a platform for trading, buying and selling cryptocurrencies. It also enables crypto-related payments and allows users to invest in blockchain-based projects. XBO is coming up with a mobile and web platform that will provide convenient trading opportunities to traders sitting anywhere in the world.

Why is XBO worth a try?

Why is XBO worth a try

XBO is a one-stop shop for novices and seasoned traders alike.  They can begin trading without worrying about security, complicated user interface, or poor customer experience.


Today, everyone can access the global cryptocurrency market on mobile devices, no matter where they are. All they need is a smartphone and internet connectivity. Beyond trading and price speculation, one can use crypto to make payments and invest in blockchain-based projects. XBO will make all of it possible on its easy-to-use interface.


Trust is the primary currency of any business and the essential element in order to develop a long-lasting relationship with customers. It values your privacy, data and funds and believes that these are the tokens of your trust. Hence, it is committed to offering an entirely secure environment on the platform to make sure your data is secure.


XBO prioritises making trading and investing an enjoyable experience, delivering an easy-to-use user interface which will transform the way you trade crypto.


The exchange commits itself to safeguard your data, assets, and privacy by offering military-grade security infrastructure. The cryptocurrency exchange platform has tied up with several prominent security services to encrypt and secure your data.

XBO’s Brand ambassador program:

Finally, the Bored Ape NFT holders are getting a chance to show off their cool Bored Apes and connect their Web 3 wallet to sign up for the XBO brand ambassador program.

Following Web 3 wallets that can be connected for the auditions:

  • Ledger
  • Tokenary
  • Infinity wallet
  • Wallet 3
  • SecuX
  • Ambire
  • Wallet3
  • ApolloX
  • Zerion
  • Sequence
  • Punk wallet
  • KryptoGo
  • NFT
  • RICE wallet
  • Vision

Steps to become a part of the auditions:

  • Visit the official website of XBO
  • On the homepage, click on the Bored Ape auditions tab
  • Before signing up for the auditions, read all the necessary details.
  • Connect any of the above-listed Web 3 wallets

Benefits of becoming the brand ambassador:

  • Earn $100,000 for licensing your intellectual property (IP) rights
  • A chance to take part in future Web 3.0 opportunities
  • Make your Bored Ape popular

Learn more about XBO’s Loyalty program:

XBO’s cryptocurrency exchange has five loyalty tiers, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Black Diamond. The investor and traders can move to a higher tier by accumulating more and more experience points (XP). Investors are rewarded with experience points as they trade, buy and sell crypto on the exchange. Moreover, each tier has a different set of features. The more you scale, the more benefits you will get.

Learn more about XBO's Loyalty program

Silver Tier:

Silver is the basic tier of XBO, available for everyone who registers on their platform. Here are the benefits offered:

  • Free crypto deposit.
  • Spot trading fees (Maker/Taker) 0.40%/0.30%.

Gold Tier:

Gold is the second tier. For this tier, 10,000 XP is required. Here are the benefits offered:

  • Free crypto deposit.
  • Exchange cashback 0.1%.
  • 2 Free fiat withdrawals per month.
  • XBO gold card.
  • Spot trading fees (Maker/Taker) 0.38%/0.29%.
  • Crypto rewards with a random amount of multiple cryptocurrencies.

Platinum Tier:

Platinum is the third loyalty tier. For this tier, 65,000 XP are required. Here are the benefits offered:

  • Free crypto deposit.
  • Exchange cashback 0.25%.
  • 3 Free fiat withdrawals per month.
  • Spot trading fees (Maker/Taker) 0.27%/0.36%.
  • XBO’s platinum card.
  • Rewards with a random amount of X 2.5 of multiple cryptocurrencies.

Diamond Tier:

Diamond is a premium tier with several benefits to support traders. 650,000 XP are required. Benefits include:

  • Free crypto deposit.
  • Exchange cashback 0.5%.
  • 4 free fiat withdrawals per month.
  • Rewards with a random amount of X 10 of multiple cryptocurrency.
  • Spot trading fees (Maker/Taker) 0.24%/0.32%.
  • XBO Diamond card (free metal).

Black Diamond

Black Diamond is an advanced tier which contains exclusive perks for 2,100,000 XP. More information about Black Diamond isn’t in the public domain because of its exclusivity.

XBO says, “What happens in Black Diamond stays in Black Diamond.”


XBO is giving an opportunity to all the Bored Ape NFT holders to become a part of the crypto revolution by becoming the face of the XBO cryptocurrency exchange. The upcoming exchange has already rolled out many distinctive opportunities, including the early bird sign-ups, loyalty program, and Bored Ape auditions to make Web 3.0 accessible to everyone.




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